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History of Agarwals

History, Principal and Gotras of Agarwals

History of Agroha :

Agroha was a Republican State consisting of 18 state units. The residents of this states were known as Yodhya and Agraya .Some of the writings on the coins that have been excavated from the site of ancient Agroha read as ‘Yodhyanam Bahu Dhanya Kanam’,’Yodhya Ganasya Jaya’, ‘Yodhyanam Jaimantra Shalinam’.

The Agroha republic was renowned for its bravery and prosperity. However over the time it could not stand the foreign invasions of Hunas, Greeks and Yavanas, who invaded the north India disintegrating various kingdoms in Punjab. The disintegrated Agroha led to the migration of the residents of Agroha to other parts of the country viz Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Malwa, however they derieved a common name Aggarwals ie. AGROHA-WALE.

Principal :

Principal : Simple and practical principles were laid down for the equality, love & affection among people of the domain. He was the first ruler who established socialism in his regime.

He taught that if any person wants to settle in his kingdom every family of his kingdom will provide “one Rupee & one brick” as a gift to him. In this way the new coming family will become equal to the status of other family of the kingdom and would run his business very conveniently, therefore, no one was unemployed in his regime and everyone was having their own shelter. There could be no other better practical principal of socialism of humanity than this. These principal became practical in his kingdom, as give and take was the formula in the life of every ordinary residents. Neither the receiver felt shamed nor the donator felt proud.

Feeling of social welfare and brotherhood was the fundamental of the principal. There was no place for corruption or selfishness in the kingdom. The development of the kingdom and life of people were completely based on agriculture, trade & dairy.

His belief in nonviolence did not mean non-resistance to oppression, rather he promoted self defence. According to him self protection and national defence were not the task of only kshatryas – the warrior caste, rather it is the duty of each citizen to protect and safeguard his motherland.

Location :

LOCATION: AGROHA is located some 20km North-West of the Hissar city in Haryana. This is some 190 km from Delhi (India), when approached via Rohtak-Hissar.

This was some 5000 years back the prosperous and illustrous kingdom of Maharaja Agrasen. The remains of ancient AGROHA city are some 1-1.5 km away from the present AGROHA village. The excavation of the ancient AGROHA city started in the year 1888-89, under C.T.Rogers. It was at that time that people came to know about this great kingdom.

The redevelopment process at Agroha after the excavation was slow. Sh. Bholaram Dalmia of Bhiwani Distt. and Sh. Sanwalram built a Gau Shala in 1914 at Agroha. Then in 1939 Sh. Ramji Das Bojoria from Calcutta had Shiv Mandir and a rest house built. All these activities were more at individualistic level.

It was only in 1976 that a need for a concerted group effort was felt at the convention of All India Aggarwal Representatives. This realisation led to the establishment of AGROHA VIKAS TRUST in 1976, under Sh.Shri Krishna Modi and Sh Rameshwar Das Gupta.Their efforts were supplemented by Late Master Laxmi Narain Gupta who donated 27 acres of land to Agroha Vikas Trust.The development work at Agroha was carried on under the able supervision of Late Sh Tilak Raj Aggarwal.

Since then all the development process at AGROHA is planned and implemented by AGROHA VIKAS TRUST.The developments at Agoha received a major boost from 1985 when Sh. Subhash Goel joined in as the President of Agroha Vikas Trust.He replanned Agroha Dham with special emphasis on the Temple Complex and the Shakti Sarovar. Functionally Agroha Dham has been planned to represent the historical tenets of India- As a centre of learning, philosphy and spirituality, Vridh Ashram (Old Age Home), Health Centre, Research Centre.

The total area under the trust for the development of Agroha Dham is 27 acres. The developments have taken place in the form of a Temple complex dedicated to goddess Mahalaxmi and Saraswati , this also hosts the memorial temple of Maharaj Agrasen. The beauty of the place is exemplified by the Shakti Sarovar and well maintained lawns.

Opposite the Trust compound is the Agrasen Medical College and Research Centre.The medical college is one of the most prestigious education centre for medical studies.It is gearing up to become one of the biggest medical research centre under the supervision of Sh. O. P. Jindal. Less than a Kilometre away from the trust compound is the ancient Temple of Sheela Mata which has become a major tourist attraction.

Some more developments are under way at Agroha viz: Maharaj Agrasen Agroha House Building Coop Society, Hissa: which is spread over an area of 25 acres covering 300 plots .Besides this there is a Grain Market under development. This is a controlled area to be developed in a planned manner.


Diwali Sneh Milan 2017

दीपावली के शुभ अवसर पर हमारी शुभकामनाएं एवं नव वर्ष की सुभेच्छा | जगमगाती ज्योति से आपका जीवन ज्योतिर्मय हो | नव वर्ष आपको सुख, समृद्धि एवं स्वास्थ प्रदान करें | हम हर्ष के साथ सूचित करते है की दीपावली स्नेह मिलन का कार्यक्रम निम्नलिखित रूप से मनाया जायेगा | आप समस्त सदस्य भाइयो से निवेदन करते है की आप सह परिवार पधार कर कार्यक्रम की शोभा बड़ाएं | प्रति वर्ष की तरह इस वर्ष भी लकी ड्रा का आयोजन किया गया है| सभी सदस्यों से सविनय अनुरोध हैं की वह इस लकी ड्रा में अधिक से अधिक योगदान कर महासभा के कार्यक्रमों में भागीदार बनें |

तारीख – २३/१०/२०१७ सोमवार
स्थान – Amcosa Hall
सांय – ५.३० – स्नेह मिलान
सांय – ६.०० – मनोरंजन कार्यक्रम
सांय – ७.०० – लकी ड्रा
सांय – ७.३० – प्रीति भोज